• Matt Graves

What's in a Gender?

It's no surprise, I'm a #male photographer and proud of it! But one comment I hear regularly is, "I would never go to a male photographer for boudoir!" Why not?

Know please understand, I'm NOT trying to dissuade you. If you want to go to a female photographer, all power to you! I would be happy to suggest a couple!! But if you're looking for female photographers just because you have never given it any thought let me ask you... why not a guy?

I was having this conversation with my wife a few days ago. When I compared it to a male gynecologist or family doctor, it struck a new chord. Sure, she has been seeing the same female doctor since she was ten but when our children were born the older guys in her birthing unit were actually her favorites!

I can tell you, generally there is no REAL difference. The way I approach a client is the same whether it's a family portrait, a headshot, or a boudoir. I treat everyone professionally and yet casually. There is no Mr X, Mrs Y. I'm a first name basis shop ONLY. If you aren't comfortable calling me Matt and having me call you by your name you won't like me and I won't like you. I'm kidding of course, I love EVERYONE but it weirds me out when (as an adult) people introduce themselves to me by last name. Anyone else feel that way?

All in all, what it all comes down to for me is what's in my pants doesn't factor into how I click the button on my camera. As a boudoir photographer, I LOVE empowering you to find your groove and channel your inner strength. We work as a team to find your best poses and rock it from there!

If you are on the fence, I hope you find the courage to give me a call. Let's set up a beauty portrait session first if you're REALLY unsure. I don't doubt for a minute you'll love every second of it!

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