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5 Signs You’re Ready for a Boudoir Session

I have the best job I the world. I get to be there at the highest point of your life, whether you are celebrating losing that last 20 pounds, getting to the body fat percentage you wanted, getting married, or many other awesome things to celebrate.

With the hot term boudoir becoming so popular it’s no surprise so many women are looking into their own sessions. Whether you are curiously looking into it or booking your first session these five signs are sure to make the process a smooth one.

1. You Are Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Boudoir is intended to celebrate who you are and how incredible you are and while I believe that every woman should have a session, some will find it more enjoyable than others. One common concern I hear is whether you will look great on camera. Often, sessions are pushed back because a client want to lose that last ten pounds.

Some sessions go incredibly well and they are empowering and transformative. However, with the increasing popularity of boudoir shoots the consistency from photographer to photographer has become widely variable. Unlike family portraits or personal branding, boudoir is all about the communication between you and the lens as well as the confidence in your posing.

Too many women come into a boudoir session hoping it will be a magic pill to making them feel better about themselves. A camera cannot capture something that isn’t there already. If you are ready to celebrate yourself as you are, you are definitely ready for a boudoir session.

2. You Find Sensuality Empowering

While not all boudoir sessions are about sexuality, they are all about sensuality. That’s the celebration of the senses. Touch, smell, taste, and vision. Boudoir sessions are all about connecting the senses with intimacy. That’s the basis for most boudoir sessions including lingerie or silk sheets. But not all women are the same. Knowing what sensuality means to you is the first step to making your session truly powerful.

Some women become shy when sensuality is involved. Others find a personal power that can’t be found anywhere else. Part of the session is focusing on letting yourself be your authentic self. Breaking down the walls you’ve put up to protect yourself from getting hurt or being embarrassed.

3. You Have Just the Right Outfit For the Occasion

Boudoir isn’t always about the outfit but having an idea of what outfit you want is a great step towards a successful session. Often, clients come to a session with a suitcases of lingerie and outfits; which can be a great fun. But creating a clear concept can structure a successful experience.

Some photographers do their best work with full outfits, others do best with lingerie, and some yet prefer the classical art style of nude. Take note of what you prefer and make sure to book with a photographer who matches that style.

4. You Have A Clear Vision Of What You Want

Not all photographers are created equal. Some do incredible works of fine art, others are phenomenal at capturing candid moments. Having a clear idea of what you want your final images to look like can ensure as successful session. A boudoir session is all about finding the right team to craft the vision you have in mind. Like wedding photographers, don’t hire a boudoir photographer who specializes in pinups hoping they will deliver high fashion modern.

Some questions to ask while looking at photographers would be:

· Do they have a portfolio that I like?

· Are they easy to talk to?

· Do they understand what kind of images I want?

· Do they answer questions I have in an understandable manner?

5. You Have an Idea of Budget

Boudoir can be expensive. This is the kind of investment where you get what you pay for. Most photographers can give you a ballpark figure for how much a session will cost. But know how much you intend to pay going into it. Here are some quick ballparks to know what to expect and whether they line up with what you want:

$100 and below: Newer, inexperienced photographers who likely will want to use your images as promotional material.

$200-400: Digital, somewhat experienced photographers whose work is hit or miss and their delivery takes a while.

$500-1000: Becoming specialized, this photographer often offers value and timeliness however they are discovering their specialization.

$1000-3000: The big fish, this photographer is a steady rolling machine. Often busy schedule creates a tough availability, look towards booking them about two or three

months in advanced.

$4000+: The master. This photographer has a recognizable style and is heavily sought out. These are the incredible creatives who often do international sessions and create a whole experience, not just a photo session.

Wherever you are in your budget, know what to expect. Make sure it aligns with what you want.

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