Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions every woman asks about being photographed?

I don't know how to pose! Will that show in the pictures?

First things first, let me just start by saying I don't expect anyone to know how to pose.In fact, posing is the least of what we do in sessions. When you come to me, you are free to explore your expressions. Of course, I will coach you into poses that are the most flattering for your body and the outfit. But what I really focus on is your personality! Is it 100% you?

I'm older than (not as skinny as) the women on your website. Will I still have a good session?

Absolutely! Please don't think for a moment that you need to compare yourself with anyone else. An ElegantOrchid session is all about feeling incredible in your own skin. Leaving the expectations and judgements of the outside world at the door and really enjoying the moment. There will be music, chocolate, and a whole lot of laughter! Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Will you photoshop me? I'm worried about acne/cellulite/stretchmarks...

While I understand your hesitation, we all have things we don't like about our bodies, I try to make time in every session for you to love everything about yourself. To create a deeper connection with your physical form and create a really moving moment where you can fully embody the power you hold. 


With that having been said, I always have the conversation with every client about things that they want me to remove or alter. Stress can cause some women to break out, I generally just clean and soften images for that. Cellulite, scars, and stretchmarks are something so totally personal I leave that to every client. 


What I won't do is turn a gorgeous size 12 into an itty bitty size 2. I fullheartedly support every woman in her personal journey and want to empower everyone who has a session with me to love who they are.


The most common adjustments I do is removing tags and balancing color.   

Where do the sessions take place?

I generally have three recommendations for locations of shoots, though I am always happy to have a more in depth conversation as we create a concepts for your experience. 

Those three recommended locations are: 

A) The ElegantOrchid Studio


I am happy to welcome clients in to the ElegantOrchid studio, where I have several seasonal settings as well as traditional settings.

B) An AirBnb arranged by you.


  I do this for two specific reasons.

  1.  AirBnb's are generally nicer than hotels and have a more home-like atmosphere. 

  2.  It also gives you the power of picking a location. I am happy to help in selection but the final choice is left up to you.

C) In Home Sessions.

Some clients are more comfortable in their own environment. This also cuts down on the "oops I forgot this piece at home." 

How should I do my hair and makeup?

While I recognize that money might be a main reason for this question, my answer is rather simple. Don't. I strongly suggest that every client book a professional hair and makeup artist. I have a few that I can recommend if you don't have one. I encourage you to find one who is happy to come to whatever location you decide as it can help to create an even more incredible experience. 

I don't want my pictures displayed online. How are my images protected?

I totally understand your fear of having your intimate images shared online. However, I take the security of your images as one of my highest priorities. Know that I don't ever share images without a signed model release, so no worries about having an image posted on the website or social media without your say so. 

But let's be honest, security breaches happen! A lot. And that's exactly why I store all of my images on an external hard drive not connected to my computer. While I am editing and perfecting your images, they stay in a folder on my drive. As soon as I deliver them to you, they get zipped and after 90 days that zip file gets erased. 

When I share digital images, if it's not done on thumb drive, it's handled via secure Google Drive which only allows for your email address to log in. 

How many outfits am I allowed?

It totally depends on the session length. But I don't usually put a cap on outfits, I'm more focused on the overall flow. If we shoot one outfit and it feels "done," we'll move on. I always urge women to bring a few more than they want to shoot, just in case they aren't feeling it. 

How long will the session take?

We all lead busy lives and I respect that your session may be on a time table. I generally have three session lengths. A one hour, a two hour, and a three hour. So it totally depends on how much time you have, how many images you'd like... and what kind of an experience you'd like to have. The three hour is taken at more of a relaxed pace than the one hour. 

Do you do couples sessions?

I do actually do couples sessions! I think it's an incredible experience for both of you to experience expression in that energy. 

Can I bring someone with me to the session?

I do allow for you to have someone there with you during the session. I only ask that during the actual shooting they are not in the room. Even best friends can make the atmosphere a little tense. But they are very welcome to pull up a chair and sit right out in the hall. I am also super happy to meet with you and your friend ahead of time.