About Me

"To be yourself is all that you can do."

Life for me has always been about trying to fit in with what people think I should be. I let other people's opinions lead my path, and as I've grown over the past few years I've realized how insane that is. The best you you can be is the 100% real you. 

My Past, My Future

While my creative sense was maturing, I was going through some really rough times in my marriage. I was looking for answers in so many different places and finding nothing that helped. Through that journey, I found my way to relationship coaching. Helping other people find the spark that had become a barely glowing ember. 


In our culture, we are so much about instant gratification and we have forgotten that all relationships take work. But the most important relationship we so often overlook is the relationship with ourselves.  

As a photographic artist, my heart is in capturing your beauty. The real you. Giving you the space to love yourself just as you are. 

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